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Senior Strategic
Communications Leader

Digital Strategy

I have redesigned websites for MSH and PHR, launched and managed social media feeds (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram) for Management Sciences for Health, Physicians for Human Rights, and Social Documentary Network. I have produced several branding videos to support overall digital strategy, including Medicine Movers, a three-part video series chronicling MSH’s work delivering lifesaving medicines in three countries. Medicine Movers was part of a multimedia series Access2Meds that was on


Medicine Movers

Through videos and articles, Medicine Movers tells the stories of patients in Ethiopia, Kenya,  and South Africa who continue to benefit from these systems, launched during the peak of the AIDS epidemic. All of these patients have faith that their grandchildren will see these systems continue to be strengthened and become valuable tools in the unfolding battles against epidemics and chronic diseases. Ultimately, Medicine Movers tells the story of improving health for generations to come.
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MSH: 40 Years of Empowering Health Workers Worldwide

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Go to the People: Building a Stronger Health System in Uganda

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Social Media Management

I have launched and managed several organizations' social media feeds.

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