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Senior Strategic
Communications Leader

Advocacy Campaigns

Advocacy campaigns aim to influence policy decisions. I have led and participated in several successful advocacy campaigns that have advanced global health and human rights issues leading to a ban on landmines, consensus on universal health coverage in the Sustainable Development Goals, a global multisectoral focus on preventing pandemics, and an end to the US torture program in interrogations.

Health for All: Campaign for Universal Health Coverage and Health for All Post-2015

This campaign, funded by Rockefeller Foundation, advocated for advances in universal health coverage in three African countries: Kenya, Nigeria and Ethiopia. Health for All Post-2015 was a successful campaign that brought the global health community together to call for UHC to be part of the 2015 Sustainable Development Goals.

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No More Epidemics

This campaign, led by Management Sciences for Health, brought together various partners to advocate for continued funding and political support for the Global Health Security Agenda to ensure pandemic preparedness and prevention in the aftermath of the Ebola crisis. I was one of the founding organizers and managed all communications (website, social media, report, media, events).

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End of Epidemics- the Book

This book was written by MSH Senior Fellow and former CEO, Dr. Jonathan D. Quick and published by St. Martin’s Press in 2018. I led the marketing team to promote the book (website, media outreach, events).

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International Campaign to Ban Landmines and US Campaign to Ban Landmines

As Director of Communications at Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), I led advocacy communications for the ICBL and its US affiliate, the US Campaign to Ban Landmines, leading to the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty. I managed Ban Landmines Week, a series of activities across Washington, DC, calling on the US to sign the Mine Ban Treaty.

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Campaign Against Torture

At PHR, I  managed the Campaign Against Torture, an advocacy campaign which doggedly exposed the involvement of psychologists and the American Psychological Association in the US torture program during enhanced interrogation sessions under the Bush Administration. The Campaign produced several groundbreaking reports on the use of psychological torture and contributed to the still-classified Senate torture report

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